Dec 05

Cmcc Transfer Agreements

The UMA welcomes hundreds of transfer students every semester. In fact, most of our new students are transfer students! The UMA Foundations program is a joint program offered in partnership by the University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) and the University of Maine (UMaine). Students are selected for their application with UMaine for this program. The first three semesters of work are taught by the UMA, with UMA courses being taught on the Orono campus, which offers students in the program the opportunity to develop a strong academic profile to support a successful transfer to UMaine during the fourth semester. The Orono campus offers accommodation during the first year. UMA`s online delivery options are becoming increasingly popular with students outside of Maine`s public institutions. Specific agreements are available with the following institutions: all students who have requested a transfer will be informed of the result of their application before the end of April. Central Maine Community College has formal agreements with a wide range of high schools, technology centers and adult education centers in Maine and New England. Students who go there and choose to attend Central Maine Community College can take specific courses and obtain university credit for their work. CmCC may accept the transfer of credits from institutions accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education Canada of the Canadian Federation of Chiropractic, the Council on Chiropractic Education-USA or institutions that are members of the Councils for International Teaching of Chiropractic, under the following conditions: Launch at a community college. Complete your degree at one of Maine`s public universities. It is affordable and the University of Maine System (UMS), in partnership with Community Colleges, offers many useful resources to facilitate the transfer process, including: Potential students are invited to discuss their specific transfer interests with the UMA team, the transcript evaluator at the Office of Enrollment Services, consulting staff and/or the academic program coordinator.

Cmcc students who decide to move to UMaine before graduating as an associate may be able to transfer courses from UMaine to CMCC to complete and graduate from CMCC. Students who are interested in a self-transfer transfer should contact their CMCC advisor for more information. Applications for transfer credits from foreign institutions must be submitted by requesting a course-by-course evaluation from the Global Education Services (www.wes.org). WES should send the official notice as mentioned above directly to the Application Processing Center. UMA also accepts documents verified by any supplier who is a member of NACES, the National Association of Case Assessment Services (naces.org/). Interested students who wish to determine which courses to take for a program of study before enrolling can use the Equivalency Matrix online transfer course or contact Beth Vigue, transfer officer, at the Chancery. In addition to the application for admission, transfer applicants must submit official transcripts of all previously visited higher education and university institutions, as well as, if applicable, all test credit documents such as AP, CLEP and DANTES transcripts. (Note: We will automatically retrieve their official UMS transcripts and other official documents sent to other UMS institutions.) All documents must be forwarded to the UMS Shared Processing Center, PO Box 412, Bangor, ME 04402-0412. Connection information is scanned and sent electronically to the UMA to verify and evaluate the application.