Dec 18

Tnocd Agreement

Do you use a lot of chemical inputs? Are you worried about the number of years it takes to turn your farm into organic? Don`t worry, it only takes three years to completely turn your soil into organic. (National Standards for Organic Certification). Contact an APEDA-accredited certification body and sign up for farm certification. From the date of registration, the operation is considered an “IN CONVERSION” period, as there will be no use of chemicals in which organic manure and organic fertilizers will be used. Log. The same can be downloaded from the TNOCD website in the Downloads section. Here are the easy steps to your farm `certified organic`…. The India Organic Certification is a label for biobiological products after validation, which ensures that the product or raw materials used in the product are grown by organic farming, without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or hormones induced. A brand – “India Organic” is granted on the basis of compliance with the National Standards for Organic Production (NSOP). This brand, which communicates both the authenticity and the origin of the product, will be owned by the Indian government In accordance with the fourth forecast for 2016-17 published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Cooperation and Welfare of Farmers, the country has achieved a record production of food grains estimated at 275.7 million tonnes, an increase of 10.6 million tonnes over record food grain production in 2013-14.

Rice production is set to […] The list of two certification bodies in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Organic certification is aimed at a growing global demand for organic food products. It aims to ensure quality and prevent fraud. For organic producers, certification identifies suppliers of products authorized to be used in certified establishments. For consumers, “certified organic” serves as product protection, much like “low fat,” “100% whole grain” or “no artificial preservatives.” The main purpose of certification is to regulate and facilitate the sale of organic products to consumers. Some certification bodies have their own service brands, which can serve as a brand for consumers – a certifier can promote the high recognition value of its logo as a marketing advantage for manufacturers. Most certifiers operate organic standards that meet the minimum requirements of the national government. Innovation in agriculture contributes to improving efficiency by supporting the livelihoods of rural farmers. With the demand for food for future generations, it is produced with better quality and quality production that must serve the entire population. Indian farmers make their profession productive, inexpensive and also support the number of innovations on the generation […] DirectorDepartment of Organic Certification 1424A, Thadagam Road, GCT Post, Coimbatore – 641 013. Tamilnadu. India.Phone: 0422-2982985 Fax: 0091 422 2457554E.mail: [email protected] The renewal test is carried out once a year after the validity date, i.e. within three months of the end date, to renew the biological certificate.

(If the renewal test is not completed within three months of the end date, certification procedures must start again from the first year of the conversion period).