Dec 20

Venice Agreement

The agreement was only supposed to last seven months, but thanks to its success, the agreement is still in force. In addition, Veritas drew on the results of this biofuel experiment and intends to use biodiesel for its own fleet. The ENI biorefinery plans to increase its processing capacity to about 560,000 tonnes of oil by 2021. ENI is thus increasing its share of raw materials from food waste, with total production of green diesel reaching about 420,000 tonnes per year. This agreement is important to reduce the rate of air emissions and reduce pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOX), primary and secondary particles (PM10) and ultrafine particles (PM2.5) in Venice. The efficiency of combustion has also reduced the rate of engine repair and reduced consumption by up to 4% thanks to its high calorific power. 1. Without prejudice to the competence of council of Europe bodies, the Commission can undertake research activities in its own way and, if necessary, develop studies and draft international guidelines, laws and agreements. Any Commission proposal can be discussed and accepted by the legal bodies of the Council of Europe. The Venice Declaration (also known as the Venice Summit Declaration) was an agreement of the nine-member ECONOMIC committee of the ECEC, which met in June 1980 in cooperation with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The declaration calls for recognition of the Palestinians` right to administrative autonomy and the PLO`s right to union with peace initiatives. [1] The treaty followed the heels of the Battle of Legnano on 29 May 1176, a defeat for Frédéric Barbarossa.

Shortly thereafter, Frederick sent envoys to Pope Alexander III in Anagni to demand an end to the division between him and Frederick`s Antipapst Callixtus III. With an interim agreement reached, a conference was scheduled for July 1177. Friedrich spent some time in the meantime in the Venetian rivalries in the hope of securing a pro-imperial group in power at the time of the confrontation. In March 2018, the city of Venice, the AVAM Group, VERITAS Spa and ENI signed an agreement for the Testeine of an experimental project based on the use of the Eni Diesel by the public fleet of the boat. The new Eni fuel consists of a 15% renewable content (used food oil), which is delivered to the Venetian carrier at the same cost as usual. The main objective of this agreement is to test the new technologies that contribute to the implementation of the circular economy. 2. As part of its mandate, the Commission may issue opinions at the request of the Committee of Ministers, the Parliamentary Assembly, the Congress of European Territorial Authorities, the Secretary-General or a state or international organisation or organisation involved in the work of the Commission.

When a state requests an opinion on a case involving another state, the Commission informs the state concerned and submits the matter to the Committee of Ministers, provided the two states do not agree. In the contract that was concluded, the emperor recognized the temporal rights of the popes over the city of Rome, but the city did not surrender to the pope and forced him from 1179. A fifteen-year peace was concluded between Frederick and William II of Sicily, paving the way for years of peace and prosperity in Sicily.