Sep 14

Ci Plus Device Interim License Agreement

7 CI Plus – Content Protection Based on existing DVB-CI standard Main requirement: achieve the same level of security as ci Plus module and receiver embedded solutions – Calculation and use of a secure key for content protection – Safer, Authenticated channel for system critical messages Module output is encrypted Only certified devices are supported Smartcard Encrypted TV signals CI Encrypted TV signal Plus MODULE PCMCIA Interface Plasma/LCD IDTV Local encryption A copy of original digital content is not possible! 7/ 24 About ARCHOS TV+ General questions I have installed a firmware/plug-in/game file on my Archos TV+ but it is not recognized by the device. You may not have copied your file correctly to the device. If it 11 CI Plus – Spezifikation v1.2 Kapitel: Seiten: 1-3 Umfang, Referenzen, Definitionen, Systemübersicht 4 5 Funktionstheorie 31 6 Authentifizierungsmechanismen 16 7 Secure Authenticated Channel 12 8 Content Key Berechnungen 4 9 Public Key Infrastr. & Zertifikatsdétails 9 10 Host Service Shunning 4 11 Command Interface CI Plus Application Level MMI CI Plus MMI Resource 2 14 Weitere CI Extensions PVR Resource 8 Annexe A. N 99 Total: 243 File: ci_plus_specification_v1.2.pdf Date: / 24 23 CI Plus – CI Plus Summary is based on the DVB-CI standard and is backward compatible Encrypted communication via ci/CI+ interface – Secure and authenticated channel for critical system messages – encrypted transfer of digital content from the CI+ module to the host implementation – License & Certificate Management, managed by an independent trust-center – Certification of CI+ terminals & modules in a digital television laboratory With URI (Usage Rules Information) for UPnP, CPCM, CSA3, DTCP, DLNA,. Internet LAN PVR STB 23 / 24 20 CI Plus – Documentary documents on the CI Plus Device Interim License Agreement – Compliance and Robustness Rule. CI Plus Specification v1.2 – Detailed specification for recipients and modules indicating changes 001 and 002 Additional specifications v1.2 – Requirements for revocation of host v1.0 – Definition of the testing and registration process Application for registration – Application for testing and registration of a device last updated: documents relating to the boarding directive, CI Plus Specification Interim License Agreement (ILA) Certificate Supply Agreement (CSA) Forms: Identification, Authorization for administration Embedded mark, application for registration Robust certification list 20 / 24…/solutions/consumer_electronics.htm 12 CI Plus – Protocols 1. . . .