Sep 15

Commission Agreement California Real Estate

The Court of Appeal recognized that the following legal standards are well established: (1) The agreement “Authorization or crew of a broker to buy or sell real estate” is not valid if it is not in writing; 2. However, contracts between brokers or between brokers and intermediaries do not necessarily have to be in writing: (3) Only a broker can recover a commission for the sale of real estate; 4. A broker may not share his commission with an unlicensed person; 5. An agent may not agree to compensate anyone other than the broker under whom he is at the time of the licence; 6. A broker may indemnify only the licensed agents he employs; and (7) no agent may pay any portion of a commission he or she has received “except through the broker under whom he or she is licensed at the time.” The answer seems simple. The real estate agent lists a house for sale, and you like it. .