Oct 05

Rider To Service Agreement

Policies and rules for drivers We have defined some rules that you must follow when using the Smove.City service. We also have answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ section of the smove. City Mobile App provided. You agree to abide by our rules and policies for drivers, including those in the FAQ, and not to use the Smove City Service in a manner not expressly permitted by the Agreement. Otherwise, it may result in the blocking or termination of your account. (i) Global Agreement. This Agreement, including all materials incorporated by reference into this Agreement, constitutes all terms agreed between you and us and supersedes all prior agreements regarding the subject matter of this Agreement, whether in writing or orally. Any additional or deviating terms regarding the subject matter of the contract in written or oral notice from you are not valid. You must provide Smove.City and any other claims service with the results of a report or notice regarding a claim or legal action against Smove.City regarding an incident involving a Smove.City bicycle. You agree to cooperate fully with Smove.City in the investigation and defense of such claims or claims. Your account may be blocked until the investigation is complete.

Please note that meeting the above criteria does not automatically entitle you to use the Smove.City service. Acceptance of your number of passengers is subject to the authorization of Smove.City and/or our partners in our sole discretion and, without limitation of the foregoing, the passenger may be refused on the basis of additional criteria set from time to time by Smove.City and/or its insurance providers. (i) lost or stolen bicycles. Stolen or lost bicycles must be reported immediately to smove.city. If a bike is not returned within 24 hours, we can put you out of service a tax (50 €) and if a bike is not returned for more than 72 hours, we can think that the bike is lost or stolen and charge you the total cost of the bike, which varies between 890 € and 1700 € depending on, if it is a mechanical or electric bike. Introductions Smove.City Limited (“Smove.City”, “we”, “us”, “us” and “unser”) offers a bike sharing/rental service that allows you, the driver, to rent bikes via our Smove.City mobile app (the “APP”). Records of contacts with Smove.City, phone calls, email correspondence and social media communications with City and its agents may be recorded or monitored. By using these communication methods, you agree to record or monitor your calls, emails and social media communications with us and our representatives. You are responsible for the full value of all damages resulting from negligence or non-compliance with the rules throughout the time, while you are responsible for a Smove.City bike (all the time the bike is booked under your account) 9. waiver; authorization; Limitation of liability the date, time and place of the incident; (2) the name, address and telephone number of witnesses, passengers and other persons involved; 3. circumstances of the incident; 4. .

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