Oct 14

West Sussex S278 Agreement

Many regulations require combined agreements under sections 278 and 38 because they require work on existing roads as well as the adoption of new roads. These agreements are very specific, only concern motorways, and I wonder if there are `hundreds` of connections associated with this closer demand. However, if you feel that there are still too many documents that could fall within the scope of the FOIA, then I would like the documents to confirm: please provide copies of the Article 38 and Article 278 agreements on the motorways from the Bolnore Village Estate to Haywards Heath and all correspondence related to the before and after agreements. Visible links 1st ip.e-paycapita.com/AIP/itemSelec. 2. www.westsussex.gov.uk/ 3. I understand that this is usually combined with a Section 278 agreement. Assuming that this is the reason, there is no need to separate them – it is only the agreement provided for in Article 38 for 4a that I need. We consult the most diverse motorway issues that arise throughout the development process and beyond. .